Insightful, Data Driven Power BI Solutions

Microsoft PowerBI platform is a self-service end to end business intelligence solution that allows organizations to deeply analyze mission critical data to provide power insights and significant efficienies.

Drive power analytical solutions simply and easily throughout your organization to leverage your organization's vast amount of information to drive better decision making increasing productivity and reducting costs. Integrate a vast array of data sources to bring to together all of your organization's information in one place. Build custom dashboards and report to monitor your organizations metrics in near real time to respond quickly to changing dynamics.

Lemington Consulting's Power BI analytics solutions can be customized for individual clients to meet their business intelligence, reporting, data management, and security needs.

Lemington Consulting develops powerfule Power BI solutions including the following:

  • Create powerful data experiences capturing both structured and unstructured data across your organization to drive better decisions, reduce costs, and drive greater efficiencies.
  • Reliable datacenters running 24/7 capable of being access anywhere via the Internet
  • End-to-end data protection across datasets, dashboards and Power BI reports.
  • Extensive data connectors allow your organization to bring together disparate data source to provide a wholistic view of your organizations information. Leverage a library of over 500 data connectors, all free of charge.
  • Multiple export formats provide flexibility in reporting. Export data to PDFs, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Micrsoft SharePoint, and other formats.
  • Share information and increase collaboration across your organization using Power BI.
  • Use Power BI Mobile to view information on the go from any Android, iOS, or Windows device.
  • Use the self-service features to drive use down to all users in your organization, allowing your organization to leverage the platform to its fullest.

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