Microsoft 365 Exchange Server Email Migration and Support

Lemington Consulting is your business's one place stop for all things Microsoft 365 related including migrating your existing email accounts from another email hosting company to Microsoft 365. Enjoy the reliable and quality email hosting provided by Microsoft 365 subscriptions and leverage the close integration between Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook. With Microsoft 365 email hosting, your business or organization can leverage the beneifits of having a full email server, without paying the high costs of deploying and maintaining your own email server. Full Exchange Server configuration is available whether you have 5 email accounts or 500 email accounts.

Microsoft 365 Exchange Server email hosting is very cost-effective and can scale to thousands of users very quickly to meet almost any organizations growth. Add Microsoft 365 licenses and new email accounts in minutes rather than hours. Microsoft Exchange Online Protection is an enterprise level SPAM and malware filtering services which is included with the Microsoft 365 email hosting and protects your organization from the multitude of threats that exist in today's email environment.

Email migrations to Microsoft 365 email hosting can be done efficiently and without interrupting your existing email service. Your organization's existing email accounts are synced with the Microsoft 365 email servers prior to switching over, thus ensuring that all of your existing emails are available when the final switch is made to Microsoft 365 email hosting. This synchronization process takes place quietly and seemlessly without any impact on your current email service.

Lemington Consulting's Microsoft 365 email migration services provide the following benefits to your organization:

  • Large mailboxes starting at 50 GB ensure you have plenty of room for all your existing emails.
  • Email archiving to move older emails to a separate mailbox to keep your primary mailbox size small and performing quickly. Customize the email archive settings for each mailbox to allow flexibility as to how each user's mailbox is archived.
  • Mix and match license types to customize your licensing to match your business's needs and minimize costs.
  • Protect and share important files with OneDrive cloud storage to ensure the viability of your buiness information against any contingency.
  • Use your existing custom email domain, or use multiple email domains. The flexibility exists to have as many email addresses as each user needs, on as many domains as are needed.
  • Remotely wipe mobile device emails to protect your organization's information in the case of a lost mobile device or theft.

For more information about Microsoft 365 email migration and ongoing support services, please contact us.