I.T. Security Assessments & Solutions

Lemington Consulting's staff of expert I.T. security professionals have the experience and expertise to analyze, architect and design your organizations I.T. security needs and develop a robust and compreshensive plan for securing your organization's information and I.T. assets. We assist clients in evaluating the entire scope of the operations, identify critical information, and analyzing the entire range of I.T. assets to formulate a compreshensive I.T. security plan for protecting your organizations.

From there, Lemington assists with developing the necessary I.T. security policies to protect the organization on a long-term basis, with periodic testing to ensure all I.T. security objectives are being met. Lemington also assist with designing the organizational infrastructure and controls to ensure all I.T. security objectives are being met on an ongoing basis.

Lemington Consulting can also assist organizations in reassessing existing I.T. security plans for robustness, and provide a variety of I.T. security solutions for organizations looking to complement or supplement their existing I.T. security infrastructure.

Lemington Consulting's I.T. security consulting and assessments provide your organization with the piece of mind that your information and technology is secure by:

  • Providing a high-level view of your organization's I.T. security vulnerabilities and how to effectively reduce the I.T. security surface area.
  • Deep analysis of network traffic and how to block unwanted network traffic and segregate network traffic efficiently and securely.
  • Penetration testing to validate the I.T. security design and ensure the robustness of the I.T. security architecture.
  • Develop organizational I.T. security policies to provide an ongoing framework for securing critical information and eliminating threats.
  • I.T. forensics to analyze security breaches, determine their source, and provide robust solutions for eliminating the threat.
  • Endpoint protection design and risk mitigation strategies to protect all of your organization's I.T. assets.

For more information about Lemington Consulting's I.T. security consulting and I.T. security assessments and how they can assist your organization, please contact us.